*Dr. Chacko's three distinct areas of training unite to offer a rare interdisciplinary perspective. 

ChackoMD Connected World


Enabling you to connect the dots…

Innovation Classes are highly interactive workshops which enable you to connect the design dots as a clinician

Leadership Classes strengthen clinicians' practical leadership skills. I help you align the different members of your care team to a singular purpose, and create a mission for each patient that your team can rally behind. 


Helping you connect your dots…

Consulting Services are designed to help you design the best solutions to the problems that you are focused on.  


Connecting your dots with the right dots…

Connecting clinicians and designers with new ideas to the right people by drawing on my extensive network in the design and medical fields.

Join the movement. 

Dr. Chacko is creating a community of innovative leaders. Leaders and teammates, peers and students, join this mailing list to follow his mission to redesign healthcare, receive thought-provoking articles, and more.  

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disrupting healthcare by connecting the dots... 


“You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something...”

— Steve Jobs