3 hour workshop on Design Thinking and Innovation as it relates to healthcare. Given at 2017 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.


“He was incredibly impactful in helping me during a time I was feeling discouraged and untethered from my work.”

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Kristen Bradley

Psych-MH RN Promoting authentic leadership and innovation in community mental health

“I was able to see Andrew speak at two conferences and had the opportunity to interact with him in a couple of innovation groups. He was incredibly impactful in helping me during a time I was feeling discouraged and untethered from my work. Andrew provides validation while also encouraging a little perspective taking which allowed me to find some balance and new meaning to my work. I believe the universe places people in your life when you need them and if you are feeling stuck or scared to innovate in your work go watch him speak or join a group he is in - it will truly help encourage your work! Thank you Andrew for the work you do every day, it is greatly needed!”

My goal with any workshop is to leave the participants with a tools that will help them transform both their professional lives. I have successfully lead workshops for Stanford, Tokyo University, UC Berkeley,Google, the APA, and a number of other institutions for groups from 25 to 300. I know that the key to a great workshop is to truly connect with the audience, and deliver a meaningful and memorable experience. I know our brains have evolved over millennia, wired to learn when we are emotionally and physically engaged. So that is my secret sauce: FUN!

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime
— unknown

If you would like to find out more about setting up a workshop or retreat for your group, please reach out so we can set up some time to see if we can design an event that will be transformative and really bring your group together!

“…a thoughtful, patient and powerful educator who demonstrates an infectious passion for student learning and growth…”

Since 2014, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Andrew Chacko to organize a number of creative medicine workshops for medical students from Asia participating in VIA's comparative healthcare programs. During this time, I have found Dr. Chacko to be a thoughtful, patient and powerful educator who demonstrates an infectious passion for student learning and growth. His innovative and interactive lessons on how to fuse creativity and medicine have inspired hundreds of our medical students to think outside the box when designing effective interventions for their future patients. I give him my full endorsement and am confident that he would be an asset to any team or organization looking to meaningfully impact student learning and success.

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Ellison X. Weeks, Ed.M.

Customer Success Manager with a passion for education, client advocacy, and product development



Design Thinking is a really effective strategy to solve problems and develop creative solutions in every industry we know.  Yet in the healthcare arena, it has barely begun to scratch the surface of its potential.   

Workshops are designed to introduce the concepts of Design Thinking.  We will not cover the basics of design, which I break down into three primary steps - Understanding the Problem, Ideation, and Prototyping -   but how to use the design thinking as way to truly understand problems, and how to design effective solutions. We will also explore cognitive reframing, and other tools for tackling problems creatively.

We look at how it applies to the larger scale systemic problems facing healthcare, to how it can transform their immediate practice, and how it is a vital clinical skill that they can apply to basic patient care.


You can learn more about Design Thinking, and how it can apply to the Healthcare arena here.





What is Leadership?

The word is so over-used, and so little understood.

We will look at why Leadership is important to even people who aren’t in management positions.  We will examine how Leadership differs from management.

We will look at the basic tenants and principles of leadership – looking at the focus external to their organization, as well as internal to it.

Examining the external focus - We will delve into the three roles of a leader: Vision Creator, Firefighter, and the often neglected Problem Anticipator!  

We will look at the importance of teamwork, and diversity, from a practical standpoint.

Finally, we will look at self-leadership, spending some time creating a vision for what they want.


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