Healthcare is in dire need of … well, something.

I am sure we can all agree that it is broken, or at the very least ailing.  But what direction should we look for the solution?

While health systems and enterprising startups look to technologies, and institutions and governments look to policies, and pharmaceutical companies look to cures to solve the healthcare crisis - we may be missing the obvious solution that is staring us in the face:


The people are the most undervalued, and underutilized and best solution! (It is important to note here that underutilized and underworked are unrelated. Having the Chief of Surgery clean all the bathrooms with a toothbrush would be overworking, and underutilizing!)

For each of us our health is an individual journey.  And the delivery of our healthcare happens at the interface between us and our clinicians - who serve as our health coaches, our educators, our cheerleaders and our rescue teams!

The true potential to dramatically change healthcare delivery lies in empowering and enabling those clinicians to deliver the very best care they can to the patients that they tirelessly serve.

Our mission at ChackoMD is to do just that!  To give those on the front lines of care and those in support of them the tools they desperately need to become the best they can be!