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If you would like to engage me for your event, please reach out so we can set up some time to brainstorm how we can create a truly inspiring experience!

“Inspired. Engaged. Brilliant. Fun. Real….my audience was engaged, leaning in on every word..”

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James Coates

Entrepreneur, Free-thinker, Lee Clow Believer, Knowledge Enthusiast

Conference Organizer for Keynote event

“Inspired. Engaged. Brilliant. Fun. Real. These are the first attributes that come to mind as I think about Dr. Chacko. He recently, last week, spoke at an invite-only event I put on each year which brings together a community of over 200 healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering on the promise of healthcare transformation. Dr. Chacko emphasized why failure is a critical element of innovation and challenged each of us to be uncomfortable in comfort. He is inspirational, challenging, and every single person in my audience was engaged, leaning in on every word, and made sure to seek him out afterwards. Andrew made himself available and open to the attendees and stayed for the remainder of our conference which was unexpected and highly valuable. I look forward to working closely with him and can't wait to have him back at Liberation. If you're looking for someone to lead a workshop, do a keynote, or engage your teams - I couldn't offer a better recommendation than that of Dr. Andrew Chacko.”

He was terrific! … Dr. Chacko was easy to work with, engaging, super energetic and memorable.”

“We had the pleasure of producing an event featuring Dr. Chacko last week. He was terrific! As the founder of Snap! event productions I have the honor of being exposed to a LOT of guest speakers. Dr. Chacko was easy to work with, engaging, super energetic and memorable. He even joined the evening celebration and brought the dance floor to life for us. The highest compliment is our client has asked that Andrew Chacko join their next event.”

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Terri Sue Wensinger

Founder & CEO at Snap! Event Productions

Conference Organizer for Keynote event

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Michelle Malgesini

Director, Brand Marketing and Communications at Medecision

“ engaging and mesmerizing session on 'Designing a Better Healthcare Experience’…”

“Dr. Chacko presented an engaging and mesmerizing session on 'Designing a Better Healthcare Experience' at our company's annual thought leadership forum. Throughout the planning process through to delivery of his presentation, Dr. Chacko was professional, thoughtful, and continued to bring fresh ideas and perspectives. I highly recommend him as a speaker for his insightful content and captivating presentation style.”

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